Yard Pets

By Gary S Eller August 15, 2021

Do you have pets in your yard? Notice that I did not say pests. Yard pets include the variety of creatures, some furry and others winged, that live in your yard. They were there before you moved in and probably will outlast you. They seem to know you and each other. A few will even stare at you when you are outside and almost speak. And those special ones may have a name that you gave them.  They are still there even with climate extremes, hailstorms, and tornados.

These are some of God’s creatures, great and small. They are living beings who share a part of creation with you. Perhaps you hardly notice them. Or, you may feel quite attached to several of these so-called wild creatures and they may have become rather used to you too.

How much less would your world be without them? If there were no birds singing outside your window on a late summer morning, how would you feel? Let’s say that no squirrels scampered playfully through the tree limbs in your backyard, would you miss them?  Do you catch yourself smiling when you watch how playful these outdoor guests can be?

You do not have to be St. Francis of Assisi to appreciate the fullness of God’s creation. In case you do, then take a moment to give thanks for your yard pets. They are living reminders that creation is for more than just people.