Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation seeks, develops and supports excellence in Christian leadership for the Presbyterian Church (USA). Ministry is a calling, but financial concerns can dissuade talented leaders from answering that call. Our financial assistance can make all the difference.

OPSF support is available for both seminary students beginning their path as well as clergy who are presently serving congregations. We seek to reduce the debt load of both groups to help them live out their call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this world.


The mission of the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation is to seek, develop and support excellence in Christian leadership though the Presbyterian Church (USA).


Trusting God and with commitment to ongoing stewardship, together we boldly move forward seeking, developing and supporting excellence in Christian leadership for the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Board of Directors

Officers & Executive Committee
Mr. Robert A. Meyer, Chair
Dr. Phillip L. Dudley, Jr., Vice Chair
Mr. Jack H. Jackson, Treasurer
Rev. Polly K. Deppen-Williams, Secretary
Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller, President, ex officio 

Board Members
Rev. Dr. Deborah J. Boucher-Payne
Rev. Dr. Alan Brehm
Mr. David Fulton
Dr. Robin R. Koozer
Rev. Timothy S. Maxa
Mr. John V. Morey
Senator John E. Nelson
Mr. Mitchell L. Pirnie
Rev. Richard L. Sleyster
Mr. William M. Wiles, Commissioned Pastor


The Reverend Dr. Gary S. Eller, President

The Reverend Becky Balestri, PLR Program Manager

Joyce Genovesi, Office Manager

Kaylene Heck, Data & Apollos Administration

13-State Region Served