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Our mission at the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation (OPSF) is to equip leaders for the challenges of ministry. These are challenging times for the Church. Congregations and specialized ministries need pastors and congregational leaders who are both faithful and well prepared to lead.

OPSF supports and strengthens pastors and other church leaders through specially designed educational opportunities that reflect our 130 years of cumulative experience. We work hand-in-hand with denominational leaders, congregations, and pastors to promote excellence and health in Christian leadership.

Pastoral Leadership Revitalization Program

Pastoral Leadership Revitalization (PLR) is a program offered by OPSF, in partnership with presbyteries, specifically for newly ordained and/or isolated pastors to provide support, rejuvenation, and resiliency. Pastors participating in this program receive monthly coaching from a seasoned pastor and retreats for rest and renewal. The retreats provide education, worship, fellowship and rest. Retreat topics range from resiliency to worship design, from learning the enneagram to church growth. Pastors participating in this program have expressed their appreciation, especially during the pandemic, for how much coaching and retreats have kept them energized for ministry.

“Because of PLR, I’m still here—still in ministry, and my congregations still have a pastor. I easily could have been part of The Great Resignation without the retreats, the coaching, and the renewal.” — Ellen Gurnon, PLR participant and pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Cape Girardeau, MO

Pastoral Leadership Revitalization (PLR) was initially made possible by a three-year Thriving in Ministry grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. Continued support from the Lilly Endowment through a sustainability grant, which is matched by OPSF, assures that PLR will grow and sustain pastors for many years to come. Would your presbytery like to learn more about participating in PLR? Reach out to our Director of Programs, the Rev. Tricia Dillon Thomas at programs@opsf-omaha.org.

Lifelong Learning Events and Grants

At OPSF, we believe that all members of Christ’s church are called to ministry and that churches thrive when their leaders are equipped and cared for. We are committed to developing and funding opportunities for clergy and other church leaders to strengthen their skills, receive nurture, and fortify their calls to ministry. OPSF’s Lifelong Learning Program provides grants of up to $15,000 to Presbyterian (USA) institutions, including mid-councils, colleges, and camps and conference centers. Grants support educational events, workshops, programs, and seminars which equip congregational leaders, enrich congregational vitality, and strengthen denominational ties. Learn more about this year’s events and apply here.

PLR Retreats

Pastoral Leadership Revitalization 

Rev. Rick Sleyster

I can affirm without question that the mentor training I received was among the most effective, useful and hope-inducing continuing education of my vocational life. PLR is a program and ministry that has been needed in the church for a long time.