Learn & Engage

Our job at the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation (OPSF) is to help pastors be their best. These are challenging times for the Church. Congregations and specialized ministries need pastors who are both faithful and well prepared to lead.

OPSF supports and strengthens pastors and other church leaders through specially designed educational opportunities that reflect our 130 years of cumulative experience. We understand what pastors need—no matter their level of experience. We seek to work hand-in-hand with them to build excellence in Christian leadership.

Lifelong Learning Events

OPSF is committed to developing and funding collaborative continuing education events for clergy and other church leaders. Learn more about this year’s events and funding.

Pastoral Leadership Revitalization Program

A pilot program, made possible by a three-year Thriving in Ministry grant from Lilly Endowment Inc., PLR is in its third year working to help revitalize pastors and commissioned pastors. Focusing on church leaders in isolated areas and/or those just beginning their ministry, the program is based on coaching mentors, a hybrid of a coach and a mentor. Participants also attend a variety of retreats throughout the year with opportunities for education and worship as well as rest and rejuvenation. When the program initially began no one could foresee the pandemic that ensued in early 2020. While that has caused some adjustments in program plans, PLR has proven to be a vital asset as church leaders have had to radically change the way they lead their congregations.

Rev. Rick Sleyster

I can affirm without question that the mentor training I received was among the most effective, useful and hope-inducing continuing education of my vocational life. This is a program and ministry that has been needed in the church for a long time.