2021 Women Clergy & Christian Educators Retreat

Has the shutdown, pandemic and trying to “return to normal” left you drained?

Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation invites you to a time of renewal, prayer, skill sharing and fellowship with other women in ministry.

This event is open to all Women Clergy and Christian Educators!

The Revs. Kathy Noble and Suzanne Gorhau will lead workshops on giving voice to the stress of the pandemic, sabbath and sabbath styles of rest, God care (not self-care) and prayer forms. The Rev. Sara Tonje will lead experiential worship services. Time will also be available for story sharing, enjoying nature, naps and a night of creativity.

Registration is now open.
Click the REGISTRATION button today for early bird prices.
Rooms are available at Camp Calvin Crest and Holiday Inn Express on first come basis.
Registration deadline August 31, 2021

You can learn more about Suzanne and Kathy at https://comeawaymybeloved.org/
and Sara at http://www.underwoodchurch.com/staff/.