Bright Sunday — Free Use Order of Worship

The Sunday after Easter can be a weary one for church leaders who are taking their foot off the gas after the whirl of Holy Week. If you’re looking for a little help to keep up the jubilant, resurrection energy, we offer our Bright Sunday service. (Links to the right.)

The Sunday after Easter is also known as Bright Sunday (also New Sunday or Holy Humor Sunday). Early church theologians like Augustine, Gregory of Nyssa, and John of Chrysostom reflected on the idea that through the resurrection, God played the ultimate joke on the devil. Bright Sunday serves as a day of joy and laughter, with parties and to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Some church goers play practical jokes on each other, drench each other with water, tell jokes, and dance in celebration, all as part of “Risus paschalis — the Easter laugh.”

Pastoral leaders looking for a breather may lean on this ready-made order of worship and can easily pass it off to congregation members for leadership. Scripting is offered for all parts to make leadership as easy as possible.