Rev. Loren Shellabarger III

I serve two small rural churches which are not in a position to increase their monetary support of my continuing education. Thus, a significant portion of my D.Min. expenses will be covered by my family. That is, they would have been, if not for the generous gift from the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation. Your gift will make funding this endeavor much easier and I truly appreciate it! Your work is a blessing to me and I thank you for helping as my education is furthered and as God continues to use me in God’s service!

Peace and blessings!

Rob Leischner

I am writing to express my thanksgiving for your support of my theological education. Note that I did not merely say financial support. The simple truth of the matter is that I view your giving as much more than that of a monetary contribution. Your gift has not only reaffirmed and provided for my financial need, but it has also affected my spiritual, emotional and rational well-being. And it is my hope to take this affection into my future parish and use it to reaffirm and provide for others.