Pastoral Leadership Revitalization Program

The Pastoral Leadership Revitalization (PLR) program, made possible by a three-year grant, is in full swing.  Thirteen pastors and commissioned pastors from the presbyteries of Central Nebraska, Missouri River Valley and Missouri Union have been trained to be coaching mentors.  A coaching mentor is a hybrid of a coach and a mentor.  Our coaching mentors have the coaching skills to empower people to find their own answers. They have the mentoring skills to draw on their experiences as pastors to be guides to other pastors.  The coaching mentors (CMs) continue their training through monthly training sessions with a certified coach from Coach Training for Leaders. Thirty-nine pastors and commissioned pastors from Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri are receiving coaching through PLR.

PLR Retreats

In addition to coaching, all the participating pastors attend retreats designed both for education and for rejuvenation.  Descriptions of the retreats held in the Fall of 2019 are below.  Six retreats are planned for 2020:

  • A retreat for pastors and their spouses will be held February 16-19, 2020, in Lincoln, Nebraska. This retreat will focus on the unique needs of the spouses of pastors.
  • A retreat for single pastors will be held May 3-6, 2020, in Omaha, Nebraska, focusing on building relationships and community.
  • A retreat for pastors with children in the home will be held June 5-8, 2020, at Great Wolf Lodge, in Kansas City, Missouri. This retreat will offer special workshops for pastors’ families.
  • Three retreats, one in each of the participating presbyteries, will be held in the fall for the coaching mentors and pastors being coached.

All retreats will have daily worship services.  Several of the retreats will also have a spiritual director available, to nurture the spiritual needs of our participants.  The fall retreats will be educational as well as a time for rest and renewal.

Read about the Oct. 2019 Missouri River Valley Cohort Retreat, Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, NE

Read about the Sept. 2019 Missouri Union Cohort Retreat, Heartland Center in Kansas City, MO

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“Read All About” the PLR Program &
the Coach Mentor Training  at the Heartland Center in Kansas City!

As a member of the board for the Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation and the Pastoral Leadership Revitalization Steering Committee, I can affirm without question that the Coach / Mentor training I have received has been among the most effective, useful and hope-inducing continuing education of my vocational life.
The training and the follow-up support have fed the mind and the spirit. I am confident that the Pastoral Revitalization Program will yield great benefits for the coaches and the mentees. I am also confident this program will yield great benefits for the churches being served by the coaches and the mentees. This is a program and ministry that has been needed in the church for a long time, and I rejoice that it is available and that I have been blessed to participate.

Rev. Rick Sleyster
Pastor, First Presbyterian Churches of Essex & Shenandoah, Iowa


The Rev. Becky Balestri is the Program Manager for the PLR Program.
Becky has served as installed pastor for two congregations and as interim for three congregations. After 28 years of ordained ministry, Becky understands the needs and hopes of pastors. She has also worked with a coach for four-plus years, and worked with a spiritual director for more than 10 years.   She has experienced in her own life the benefits of these relationships. Becky is excited to be part of this new venture in ministry!

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