A truism that you often hear is “working without a plan is planning to fail.” Most start-up businesses put together at least a basic “business plan” and lenders require them. They can be simple or complex; but, you have to have one.

Who would want to board an airplane if they knew that there was no flight plan? Who would start a construction project without an architectural plan? What kind of coach would send a team into the next Big Game without a game plan? You get the idea. Planning matters.

So, is there a Master Plan for all of us? Some grand design that includes everyone and everything? A plan done not by human hands or massive computers, but a Creator’s Plan? Not necessarily an every step, every move kind of plan; but, a purposive direction that gives shape and form and meaning to life?

Many people think so. They will tell you, “God has a plan for my life.” And they believe it. The same folks might add, “God has a plan for everyone and all creation.” They base their beliefs on what they find in the Bible and what they have heard in church and from important people in their lives. Theologians might say that they have a sense of the providence of God – that there is a design, pattern, direction to things established by a Higher Power than any of us.

We discuss just this sort of theological issue in our Bible class Mondays and Thursdays at Gethsemane. We ask things like, Do you have to believe in a Divine Plan to be a Christian?

In these uncertain times with a pandemic and economic distress, many people say it is impossible to plan beyond three months. That may indeed be true of our plans, but that does not at all rule out that our Creator has a Plan beyond our imagining.

What do you think about that one? If we believe that there is a Creator’s Plan, then how would that affect the plans and decisions that we make, big and small? How would it change the plans you are making today? Perhaps it is true, “We plan, God laughs.”

Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller
President, Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation
Omaha, Nebraska

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