You hear the word passion used a lot these days. Mostly it comes up in the form of a question, what are you passionate about? The idea is that if you know what you are passionate about, then you have a much better chance of making it happen. For example, if you are passionate about cooking, then you will probably turn out some fine meals. If your passion is running, then you may well finish a 10K or even a marathon. Passion is the energy that drives you to achieve your goal

So, if you are asked about your passions, how would you respond? Are you passionate about people and relationships? Or do your passions come from other interests, hobbies, or activities? Could you come up with a short list – say, three or four items – that are the core passions of your life? What do those passions tell you about who you are and what matters most to you?

Perhaps your top three or four passions include family and friends. That’s understandable and true for many people. But would your list also have a place for justice or peace? Do you have a fundamental commitment, heart deep, to love and care about your neighbor as much as yourself? Does peace on earth matter as much to you as peace at home?

What we most sincerely believe shapes the way we live. A passion for justice and peace in the world takes us beyond ourselves and makes us a partner with and for humanity. Do you have that fire in your belly that compelled the Hebrew prophets and inspires all who labor for justice and peace in this world? If so, how will you use it?

Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller
President, Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation
Omaha, Nebraska

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