God and vacations do not mix. That is what a lot of people assume. Vacation means taking time out from all the routines of life and finding a more relaxed rhythm for a while. And, by and large, that includes taking time out from God, the church, and all of that.

It’s a very understandable attitude, isn’t it? If you are taking a long-awaited trip to a favorite vacation destination, you aren’t likely to ask the hotel clerk, where is the nearest good church we can attend on Sunday? The poor clerk might be stunned speechless.  They probably don’t get that question much.

Is there any room among the all the stuff that goes with you on vacation for God? Or, is every seat taken and all the time already committed.

Let’s be clear – even a simple, brief vacation can be an important opportunity to relax, get refreshed, and prepare for the onrush of the next thing that has to happen.  Even if it’s a one-day stay at home vacation, it can make a real difference to you. So why complicate matters with having to include God? Why not just wait until you are back home or in your routine to reconnect with your Creator?

Maybe your vacation is one of the best times to see your life in a broader perspective then usual. After all, you should, hopefully, have a little time on your hands. A few moments of solitude or a quiet prayer can be a way of reconnecting with both who you are and Whose you are. And that experience can be more refreshing and lasting than a day at the beach.

You might give that a thought when you take time-out somewhere this summer.  God will be there with you, for God never takes a vacation.
Grace and peace,

Rev. Dr. Gary S. Eller
President, Omaha Presbyterian Seminary Foundation
Omaha, Nebraska

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