Ever notice that it’s difficult to do even that which we know is good for us? There is hard evidence that one’s health is positively impacted by eating healthier and exercising more, yet hours on the treadmill are not logged simply by knowing this information.

Similarly, as leaders in the faith, we know that our capacity to lead is positively impacted by personal spiritual disciplines such as regular prayer and scripture study, and yet we still struggle to find the motivation to maintain consistent routines. Again, action does not automatically follow from knowledge.

Where can we find the motivation to move from knowledge to action? Again, we can look to the field of exercise, where we find that one of the top strategies for staying motivated includes working with a personal trainer. The “personal trainers” of the faith world are called spiritual directors. They can help individuals to identify areas of growth, recognize and work through resistances, explore new practices, and provide accountability and encouragement.

If you’re looking for that missing ingredient to help you move from knowledge to action in your own faith life, consider finding a spiritual director. OPSF can help locate one near you.

Kili Wenburg –  Spiritual Director,  Hastings, Nebraska

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